The Amazing MediaStick

47″ long  – Extends to over 9′ with tripod attachment and all extensions.

Ships with spring-loaded camera holder, extendable tripod stand, and Bluetooth shutter button.




The MediaStick™
don’t miss a thing

The Amazing MediaStick
The MediaStick™ keeps your phone, your bluetooth speaker, your GoPro, digital camera – whatever! Out of the sand, out of the grass, off the floor, and in the action! The MediaStick is like a selfie-stick, but with a key difference – you can stick it into the ground or stand it in the tripod and get an eye-level selfie anywhere you go. When you have the MediaStick, you will never miss a thing!

  • Adjustable Spring-Loaded Phone Holder
  • Telescoping Extension
  • Mini Tripod Base slips on and off easily
  • Bluetooth Shutter Button Included
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